MAGNALOE 10000 E (50ml)

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Eye Contour Cream
Anti-Wrinkle, Firming
and Anti-Shadow

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MAGNALOE™ 10000 E Eye Contour Cream is an eye zone line lift concentrate that:

-Removes wrinkles trims the skin.
(Hyaluronic acid + Bio-Vegetable Liposomes System)
-Retains the skin’s moisture levels: Wrinkles get more hydrated, the skin gets supple and firm again.
-Reinforces to a 100% the skin’s basic functions.
(Magnesium -Calcium)
-They help sending the impulses between nerve ends, stimulating the cell metabolism.
-Slows down cell ageing (Germanium 132™)
-Stimulates the oxygen molecules. Neutralizes free radicals.
-Reduces bags under the eyes.
-Prevent swelling and soothe the skin.
(Aloe Vera + Hamamelis)

MAGNALOE™ 10000 E Eye Contour Cream contains vitamins and trace elements that stimulate the cell metabolism and improve circulation.Your eye contours are hydrated, invigorated and oxygenated.

Application: Apply very sparingly around the whole eye area, including the eyelids.

Maximum hydration and firmness.

Spectacular results!!


  1. Lynn (verified owner)

    Such a amazing product, i felt in love with it!

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